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The Strawberry Letter: Is My Man A Gold Digger?

Subject: Is my man a gold digger?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 31-year-old licensed cosmetologist, nail technician, and esthetician. I have a hair salon, I do eyebrows, and nails and I do Botox injections. My salon is upscale and I have the upper echelon clients in my city. I am recently divorced and I have to pay my ex-husband spousal support because the judge thought that my ex-husband helped me build my business while we were married. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He tore me down and mismanaged money all the time. I used insurance money that I got from my father’s death and it was a nice settlement, so now I am financially set. Because of that, I bought a nice house and two cars. All that’s missing from my life now is a man and the family that I want to have one day soon. I have been casually dating this guy for a few weeks and he seems to be a fast talker. When I met him, he said he was about to buy a home and he was living in an apartment temporarily. He said that he’s always traveling and he loves the finer things in life. I noticed he had a Rolex on when we met, so I thought he might be telling the truth. He drives a pick-up truck that’s very nice, but it’s older. When we go out, he wants me to drive so we can ride with the top down in my car. The other day he wanted to go to a daiquiri bar, where he knew all of his friends would be outside when we pulled up, with the top down. He went in stunting like we’re a hot new couple and I went along with it. He told his friend that I have everything a man could want and I have my own money. I also overheard him saying that he’s going to go to Hawaii with me in June, which we never discussed. Is he trying to insert himself in my life and my trip? Is this man a gold digger?