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The Strawberry Letter: Thotting Thursdays

Subject: Thotting Thursday

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 48-year-old married woman and I’ve been married since I was 22 years old. My husband is 3 years my senior and he swept me off my feet right after I finished college. I had 3 kids for him and they are grown. We travel together and we enjoy life as much as possible, but I wish my husband was a little more involved in the church than he is. We had our wild times and I even smoked weed a few times after I had my last child. There’s nothing left for me in the streets and I’m a homebody now. I want my husband at home with me, but he’s still out in the streets and I call Thursdays, “Thotting Thursday,” because he bar hops with his friends that he’s known since high school, every Thursday night. I thought we were on the same spiritual journey for the past 3 or 4 years and I had high hopes that he would stop going to the club, but he has not. He has no problem going to Bible study one night, then drinking and smoking hookah in the club, the next night. He doesn’t even come home from work on Thursdays. He heads over to happy hour and eats dinner, then he goes to a ghetto bar and lounge, where he stays until it closes. He comes in smelling like sweat and weed, mixed with cologne and he climbs in the bed with me and I have to fight him off of me until he falls asleep. I told him if he keeps choosing the club over me and his faith, he should stop pretending to be saved. I’ve begged him to go to counseling at church with me but he doesn’t think he’s got a problem. I am so worried that a female thot might tempt him into doing something he’s not ready for. I feel like my husband and my marriage might be slipping away. How can I keep my husband out of the streets?