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The Strawberry Letter: Why Is My Man So Childish?

Subject: Why is my man so childish?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m too old to be playing games with my husband. He’s 60 and I’m 58 years old. He’s a coach and loves to line dance so he’s usually at a game or down at the lounge for a dance. I used to dance with him but I injured my knee, so I get to enjoy my quiet time when he’s gone because he’s a hand full. He just started being a jokester lately and he acts like he was raised by wolves now. He undresses and leaves his clothes right in front of the dirty clothes bin instead of putting them in it. He will not do anything around the house unless it benefits him. If he needs to soak his old bones after dancing, he’ll wash the tub. If he wants to eat a certain thing for dinner, he goes and gets it, without offering me anything. He leaves a drop of milk, juice, mayo or whatever it is and puts it back in the refrigerator. I realized that he reverted to his childhood after our last son moved out. In addition to cleaning up behind him, I have to deal with the other childish stuff he does. He falls asleep with gum in his mouth and it’s gotten all over his pillow in our bed and on the cushions of our sofa. He has at least 8 different types of cereal, just for him. If we’re making love, he’ll crack jokes at the worst times. He faked a charley horse once and had me panicking, thinking I had hurt him during sex. So now I’m reluctant to be intimate with his silly behind. When he’s driving, he likes to hit the brake and then the accelerator so he can laugh at my head bobbing back and forth. I swear this man is on my last nerve with his childishness. His football team loves him because he’s youthful and fun to be around, but it is too much for me at the house. How can I get my husband to change his childish ways?