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Uncle Steve Reacts To Child Who Spit and Kicked Bus Driver

Did anyone hear about this story? A school bus driver unleashes his anger toward a student who reportedly attacked him and spit on him while he was driving. The incident took place this past Friday when 72-year-old bus driver, Jerome McNabb, was finishing his bus route. The student reportedly spit on McNabb, kicked him, and threw a water bottle at him while he was driving. In a video recorded by students on the bus, McNabb is seen punching the child repeatedly and then kicking him, calling him a “motherf**er.” McNabb was later arrested that day for the assault and the St. Helena School District in Louisiana said in a statement that they are currently working with law enforcement and the bus company after receiving and reviewing the video. The age, race nor gender of the child was provided. The bus driver was a 72-year-old black man.

Uncle Steve had some words for the child, "I tell you what, spit on me, throw this water bottle on me, kick me...and you're gonna get this a** whoopin'."

Social media comments were mixed in favor of the 72-year-old for being disrespected by a child. And of course, parents were enraged over a child being beaten on a school bus. The child is fine, by the way. Everyone is on edge these days, so we need to be kind and keep our hands, feet and spit to ourselves! Do you think there’s a lack of discipline or no respect for authority now?

Unc went on to say, "He already driving this bus, he's 72. He ain't down there because he like it. You come down here with no home training, then you run up into somebody that home trains people. Now here we are."