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The Strawberry Letter: A Slap In The Face

Subject: A slap in the face

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 30-year-old engaged woman. I met my fiancé while in the military and we hung out for 2 years before I had sex with him. He had a girlfriend at the time and I was having fun being open, sexually. I shared my sex stories with my fiancé, who was my good friend at the time. He’d been begging to sleep with me, so I finally did it and I allowed him to record it too. He got a new assignment and he had to leave town right after that, so we did a lot of sexting. Then I had a bad car accident and my leg was severely broken. My long-distance lover/friend moved back to my city to take care of me. He proposed and then moved in with me. He cooked, cleaned, and gave me sponge baths. We even found a few sexual positions that didn’t hurt my leg. I was hit by a major retail delivery truck and I was due for a big financial settlement so my fiancé took me back and forth to court. He was my everything! Well, until recently. The other day, I was lying on the couch and I overheard my fiancé on the telephone with his brother. He told his brother that I’ve got lots of miles on me, but I have a good heart, so he’s going to stick beside me, especially since I’m about to be rich. He said he doesn’t love me, but our friendship is great. Then he told his brother that he’ll probably never marry me because he would always wonder if every man he sees has slept with his wife. That was a slap in the face… I thought he loved me. He told me that part of what he said was true but not all of it. He has begged for forgiveness but I’m still very hurt by his words. If he can’t leave my past in the past, should I put him out and cancel the wedding?