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The Crew Responds To A Bully's Parent Showing Up To School

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A Florida woman faces multiple charges after she allegedly beat another person’s child at school. The victim’s mother, said, her son was being bullied and defended himself against another student, who was the lady’s son. Now the victim’s mother Ms. Pollard said, “He called and said someone was bullying him, fat-shaming him, and he picked up the child and dropped the child back down on his feet”. After the incident, the lady, her name is Ms. Sewell showed up to the school and hit Pollard’s son the victim with the belt, and the incident was caught on camera. Ms. Pollard said her son got a busted lip after being hit by Ms. Sewell. Meanwhile, Ms. Pollard said she wants answers from the school on how Ms. Sewell was able to enter the school, hit her son, and walk out.

While this story may be a little confusing, we know it's all wrong. To break it down, a bully attempted to beat up a victim, but the victim ended up beating the bully. The bully's Mom then came to the school with a belt and hit the victim. The crew had a bunch of questions like how did the mother get onto the school grounds and where are the teachers and administrators when this is all going down.

Nephew Tommy said, "How do you get through all the channels of security at the school to get to the boy?" Carla went on to say, "It sounds like the bully was embarrassed and told his Mom. She comes up to the school to retaliate and defend her son. She needs to be in jail."

If you found out your child was being bullied or was the bully, what would you do?