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The Strawberry Letter: Between The Bed and the Wall

Subject: Between the bed and the wall

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a life coach and motivational speaker so I travel a lot and my husband keeps our 2-year-old twins. I was gone for a conference last week and I was unable to speak with my husband while I was gone. He said one of the twins threw his cell phone in the pool and he didn’t have a babysitter to keep the boys while he spent the day in the Apple Store. I had no reason to doubt him until I spoke with his mother and she told me that she’d bring over the twins’ pajamas and other clothes after she washed them. That’s when I found out that my twins stayed with her the entire weekend I was gone. I didn’t let on that I was unaware my boys had been there and I asked a few questions. She is such a sweet person that she had no idea she was getting my husband in trouble. She said he picked up the boys on Monday morning, in time for school but he did call her over the weekend to check on them. I asked which number he called from and she said he used his cell phone. He was about to get busted. I looked for anything around my house that was out of place and something told me to go into the guest room. It’s a small room, so the bed is pushed up against the wall. The covers were rumpled and no one ever goes in this room, so I went to investigate. I saw a pair of sandals, size 7… I wear a size 9. I also found a Kroger bag with eyelashes, two loose condoms, and perfume. I’m no fool and I knew a woman had been in my house, but why is he such a lousy cheater? Why didn’t he throw her shoes away and hide the condoms? Did he want to get caught? I help people level up in life, but I have no clue how to handle infidelity. Should I confront him or leave his stupid behind?