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The Strawberry Letter: Common Sense vs Church Sense

Subject: Common sense vs. church sense

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m close friends with a co-worker that is being misled by religion. She’s 32 years old and single, but she acts like a 16-year-old ditzy girl all of a sudden. She has to check in with one of her 3 spiritual advisors when she gets to the office and when she’s heading home. She usually talks to one of them on the phone while she’s eating her lunch too. In the past seven months, she’s lost weight, let her hair grow out, and stopped polishing her fingernails. She told me that nails are an attention grabber and her church preaches that women should be more in the background. She has a churchy excuse for doing the craziest things. She pays her bills and car note and then gives whatever she’s got left to the church and they take her grocery shopping. If she needs to shop, they give her a church credit card with a small spending limit. I told her that she’s in a cult and she’s slowly but surely getting brainwashed but she said it’s all kingdom business that she’s tending to. She said that her spiritual advisors call her body a temple and they love tapping into her energy to give them strength for the week. I asked her if it was sex and she said it’s a lot greater than sex. I asked if it was with all three and she said it was the first time, but now it’s one on one, so the connection can be greater. I used to bust out laughing, thinking she was joking at first, but now it’s just crazy. She’s happier than I’ve ever seen her so it must be beneficial to let the kingdom run through her weekly. But what I don’t want to happen is for her to lose her job over this church mess she’s stuck in. I can’t get through to her, so should I try talking to her spiritual advisors? She has no common sense!