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The Strawberry Letter: Why Is He So Small?

Subject: Why is he so small

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 37 year old divorced woman and I met a man online that I really got a good feeling about. We talked on the phone for a week and then we started doing video calls so we could see each other. I’m very shy so this was an ideal way for me to meet someone and get to know them. My ex-husband was emotionally abusive and he cheated on me twice. I never wanted to get a divorce, but he gave me no option. I struggled with going on blind dates because I have very specific qualities I’m looking for in a man. I put all of that on my profile, so when I met this guy that I’m dating now, I assumed he fit the criteria. Whenever we’d video chat, he was sitting straight up or lounging on his sofa. He had nice arms and upper body and he’s a gym rat, always talking about his workouts. I told him that I wasn’t in the best shape yet, but I was working on my body too. I was apprehensive to meet him because he was so muscular. He begged and begged and I finally agreed to meet him at a farmer’s market so we could get some fresh food and cook together at my house. When I pulled up, I saw him from a distance and I started to drive away. I’m all of 5’5” tall and so is he. Well, he’s maybe 5’7” and stocky looking. I got out in a sundress and heels and I was eye-to-eye with him when I hugged him. Our first date was wonderful and he’s a good cook, but I couldn’t help but notice his wide shoulders, nice back and small waist and legs. It was a turnoff and I’m trying not to be so judgmental, but why is he so small? I know big things come in small packages, so I pray he has a big surprise for me in the bed. That may be the deciding factor. Am I being too picky and petty?