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The Strawberry Letter: The Candy Lady

Subject: The candy lady

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 59 year old mother of 2 grown sons and I pride myself on how well I raised them by myself. They both are educated with great jobs. My oldest son is married and he has a baby on the way with his wife. My youngest son is 29 and he is trying to send me to an early grave. When I was raising my boys, I had a village of strong women to help me. One of my nearest and dearest friends helped me the most and my sons loved to call her “The Candy Lady” because she always had some kind of candy in her purse. She never had children and never got married, but they never saw her go through all of the men and the drama in her life. Up until 2020, she was in an 11 year relationship with this married man. After they broke up, she was very depressed and I did all I could to snap her out of it. I even sent my 29 year old son over to change her locks, to prevent the married man from creeping back into her life. She called me a few days after that and said she was getting her life back on track and my son was going to teach her how to play tennis. I thought that a hobby would be helpful. Little did I know, she and my son have been seeing each other for over a year! He’s been living with her for a while and he won’t tell me how or why it all happened. He came to me last week and said he wanted to tell me something, but before he told me, he said there is nothing I can do about it. He told me that I shouldn’t be upset with my friend because age doesn’t matter and he called her his soulmate. The Candy Lady that I know has had over a hundred soulmates over the years. I don’t want my son with this old heffa. Is there anything I can do to break up my son and the candy lady?