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Junior's Summertime Side Piece Rules

It’s Summertime, and time for romantic hookups, Junior is here to remind us of The Most Important Side Piece Rules You Must Know and Follow.

Don’t Fall- What does that mean, don’t fall in love Falling in love with your man will only destroy the relationship, you know what this is! Just sex

Being a side piece means keeping your expectations in check. Yes, he is going on a summer vacation with his family. He will only be there for you only when he’s not needed back at the house

Be undercover, this means you must communicate and meet up with him without anyone else knowing. Act like you’re in a spy movie.

Know the risks- This isn’t just about you or about you and him. It’s about you, him, and her. Think about your every move

Never Talk - Never, ever admit to anything. If there is drama, and things are about to get crazy, let you manhandle it and let him do all of the talking.

Never get caught - Any side piece can be great in bed, but only a great side piece will not get caught. Know your escape plans if ever things get crazy, and never let your guard down. Be on point at all times.

No Social Media- No Selfies, Don’t take pictures of just showing his hands or clothes. Don’t tag him in any pictures, no DM’S! Nothing – No Tik Tok, No Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Nothing.