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The Strawberry Letter: The Neighbor Had Sex In My House

Subject: The Neighbor Had Sex In My House

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband and I moved to a new townhome community and we are in the middle of turmoil. My husband met the family next door and started hanging out with the man after he found out they have mutual friends. The woman isn’t friendly at all so I ignored her whenever I saw her. My husband has been out to have drinks with the guy and he came home a month ago and told me a bunch of gossip about the man and his mistresses. He said that our neighbor’s marriage is over and the wife is cheating with a man she works with. He said the wife’s lover has come to their house several times and the husband hasn’t said a thing because he's cheating too. He also told me that the neighbor is taking one of his side chicks out of town soon and he needs my husband to cover for him. I told my husband that he needs to stop hanging out with this guy. He said he would, but he didn’t. I went on a girls’ trip last weekend and while I was gone, my husband called me in a frenzy and said that the lady next door tore up our house. I told him to calm down and explain. My stupid husband said he let our neighbor spend time with a female in our downstairs bedroom and his wife caught him sneaking out of my house. She kicked a hole in our wall and broke my entryway table and mirror. I went over to talk to the neighbors about paying for the damages. The wife said I knew what was going on in my house so she wasn’t paying for a darn thing. We got into a cursing match and I almost popped her. How could my husband think it’s cool to let strangers have sex in our home? And how stupid is the man to cheat so close to home? Did he want to get caught? Should we move? Please help.