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The Strawberry Letter: I Don't Like To Share

Subject: I don’t like to share

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 29-year-old female and I’m an only child and a daddy’s girl. I met a man that is also an only child and we hit it off instantly. He was raised by a single mom and they are the best of friends. The way he treats her lets me know that he is a good man. He has a lot of characteristics of my father and even though he is 5 years younger, he’s got a great career and his own home. I love everything about him, but I do have one pet peeve. He’s way too comfortable, too soon, with me. We started being intimate two months after we met. He assumed it was fine to stay overnight with me the first time we had sex. I let him stay because I wanted seconds. He slept in a pair of my joggers that were lying on a chair in my room. He's tall and thin so they fit, but he didn’t even ask first. He did not have on underwear with my pants and that grossed me out. When he left, I threw them away. From then on, he has made himself at home at my house and he’s even left a pair of pajama bottoms there so he can be comfortable when he is visiting. When we’re eating, he loves to sample my food without asking and he digs into my plate with his nasty fork. He says he is a sharer and I have told him that I am not. I explained to him that it’s an only-child thing and he is dead set on changing me. I drink wine and he usually drinks hard liquor. Now if he buys me a bottle of wine, he drinks half of it, because he thinks it’s cute if we drink the same thing. He’s overstepping all of my boundaries when it comes to my personal things and my personal space. The final straw was when he used my bath towel right after I dried off with it. Should I learn to accept this or tell him nicely to knock it off?