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The Strawberry Letter: Caught on Film

Subject: Caught on film

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been married for over half of my life and my husband checked out of the marriage five years ago. He started sleeping on the couch and then eventually moved into the guest room. I’m okay with not having sex because it wasn’t ever that good anyway. I went through periods of being bitter but didn’t do anything drastic because of our children. He told his family that I was verbally abusive to him and his mother only tolerated me so she could see our children. We had a brunch over the Christmas holidays to celebrate my husband’s grandmother’s birthday. My husband’s grandmother gave a speech and looked directly at me when she said that a wife shouldn’t be head strong and should stay in her place with a man. That’s when I knew that I had to set the record straight and let his sorry family know that he’s always been the problem. I couldn’t figure out if he was having women in my house or not, so I hid 2 cameras to try to catch him. It wasn’t till recently that I got exactly what I was looking for. I went out to a convention in Dallas and took the kids. My husband entertained a woman for 2 nights in my home. The second night, they had sex on the couch in the den and it was caught on camera. I held on to it until his 50th birthday party. His sister did a video montage of my husband’s accomplishments and gave it to me for the party. I was able to add the 3 minutes of my husband’s sex tape to the end of the video. During the party, I had my children leave the room and I played the video. Everyone was shocked and speechless. I feel vindicated and I have filed for divorce. His family really hates how I exposed him. Was I wrong for showing the video at his party?