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Uncle Steve and the Crew React To Sesame Street's Rosita

By now, you've seen the video on social media that a mother posted claiming that her daughters were ignored by the character Rosita at Sesame Street Place in Philadelphia. The Rosita character held up the no-hand gesture and walked right passed the cute little girls, during a parade. Even singer Kelly Rowland saw the video and commented with outrage on social media. Uncle Steve said, "I tell you one thing right there, you lucky I wasnt there and it wasn't one of my kids or grandkids."

Well, Sesame Street Place released an apology and statement, explaining the character Rosita’s no hand gesture was directed to someone in the crowd asking her to hold their child and would never intentionally ignore the girls. Sesame Street Place went on to say that have apologized and reached out to the family to correct the misunderstanding and invited the girls to a special meet and greet characters to deliver them an experience they expected.

Shirley said thats a lame excuse and Nephew Tommy said, "It's too late, to hell with Rosita".

Unc added, "Yall don't really understand black children. We're not finna' give a damn about Sesame Street and no other street no more, they better not come on this street."

What are your thoughts on the Sesame Street incident?