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The Strawberry Letter: My Brother's Ex-Wife on the Car

Subject: My brother’s ex-wife on the car

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been separated for 3 months and I’m getting divorced. My husband and I had a very happy marriage till three months ago. He was a family man and he’s allowed 2 of my younger siblings to live with us in the past. My youngest brother is 28 and he rushed into marriage after he got a woman pregnant. It was obvious that his wife was not the marrying type. She’s 25 and all she does is smoke weed and drink. One night she went home drunk and tried to fight my brother, so he put her out and divorced her a few months later. She resurfaced three months ago, asking if she could stay with my husband and I while she looked for a job close to the baby’s daycare. We agreed to one week. This girl ate our food and used my car and never said thank you. My husband claimed he didn’t like her attitude so he avoided her. That’s a lie. Just five days after she got to our house, she ruined my life. She was out smoking weed on the patio and my husband was gone. Around 9pm, I heard noises coming from the carport so I went to see if it was my husband. It was him… And my brother’s wife. He had her bent over his car and when they heard me, they started pulling up their pants. I told them both to leave. I was so shocked that she would do that to me. My husband moved out and served me with divorce papers recently. He said it is all his fault and he could never look me in the eyes after what he did. Now my only problem is that my brother wants his family back together and he wants to remarry his ex-wife. How can he want her back? I’ve lost my husband and if my brother remarries this woman, I won’t ever speak to him again. Would I be wrong to cut my little brother off?