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Ask The CLO: Dogs, A Too Grown Daughter, and Two Girlfriends

You've asked for it, and we've listened! The full Ask The CLO from Tuesday, July 26th!

Anya in Charleston – My husband and I have two dogs and our neighbor babysits our dogs. When we got back from vacation, the neighbor had changed our dogs’ food and gave us a bag of food for both dogs. She said we’d get the hang of it sooner or later. Is she calling us bad pet parents and if so, is she out of line or what?

Kamille in Southfield – I have five year old daughter that acts too grown and it’s because of her daycare. She repeats whatever she hears and her teacher is an old woman that gossips all day. It’s a good school and I don’t want to report an old black lady, but I also can’t have my child repeating what she’s heard. What do I do?

Taryn in Gatlinburg – I’m 27 years old and my boyfriend is 37. We get negative comments about our age difference and it’s begun to affect how he treats me. We’ve stopped going out as much as we used to and it’s killing our vibe. I don’t want to be with him if he’s ashamed of me. Why is he with me if he’s worried about my age?

Vance in Lexington – I’m a 58 year old single man and I have a girlfriend that is thick and a girlfriend that is thin. My older sister calls them “Thick” and/or “Thin” to their faces and last week, she made a song about Thick and Thin and sang it in front of my big girlfriend. How can I get her to stop making jokes around them?