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The Strawberry Letter: He's Fired and I'm Under New Management

Subject: He’s fired and I’m under new management

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 41 year old white lady and I work in corporate America with a very good job. I go to work dressed like a million bucks every day because I had help buying my designer pieces. I always start at the top when I date and I’ve never dated a man that is beneath me. A man isn’t even beneath me when we are having sex. I’m always on top in everything I do. I have a son and he likes the best of everything too. I work hard to keep him in a lifestyle that I didn’t have growing up. At work, I’m an executive and I report to the president of the company. I had a private affair with the last president of my company and he slipped up and his wife found out about me. She didn’t let him know anything… She went straight to the board members of our company and he was let go. I felt terrible about it and he wanted to continue the affair but it would’ve put my job in jeopardy. So, I moved on and prayed that the gossip wouldn’t leak. Nine months later, we have a new interim president and he’s black. I love a man in power and he’s not all that handsome, but he can dress and he carries himself as though he runs the world. I guess that he hasn’t heard the gossip, because he has already asked me to go to lunch with him to give him an overview of the day-to-day operations. Could it be that I’m at the executive level and he wants to hear from a manager, or is it because he’s interested in me? The best part is that he is single and he is the interim president so legally, we can do anything we want. He said he’s picked the perfect place for us to go, where we can talk without distractions and he can get to know me. Does this sound like he’s coming on to me or is this a professional lunch?