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The Strawberry Letter: She Got Him Fighting For Her

Subject: She got him fighting for her

Dear Steve and Shirley, my co-worker and I have a strong bond. I am what you would call his work-wife. My work husband and my real husband talk often and since my work husband is dating a scandalous woman, my husband has been counseling him a lot. When my husband and I met the girlfriend, she looked at us like we were garbage and didn’t deserve to be in her presence. She was overdressed for dinner and when the waiter offered us wine, she said that she only drinks champagne. But the way she broke all those verbs wasn’t classy at all. My work husband can’t see it, though. He’s p-whipped and he is talking about marrying this low budget, scandalous woman. Whenever they are out, he’s had to check several guys for being overly friendly with her. It made me skeptical and I was right… She is the problem. She’s a big flirt and likes to makes eye contact with men. It’s like she’s insatiable and needs all of the attention from every man in the room, even my husband. My husband peeped it too and said that she always does too much around him. This past Saturday was a tell-tale sign that she’s trouble, but my work husband is taking her side, once again. She works as a leasing manager at a high rise building and my work husband popped up at her job. There was a man in the office, yelling at her. When she saw my work husband, she tried to get the other man to leave, but he kept on cursing her out. My work husband stepped right in and almost got into a fight with the man, but the security guard separated them. She never told him who this guy is or why he was so angry. She is very dangerous. Should we keep trying to help him or should we stay out of this?