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The Strawberry Letter: My Wet and Wild Older Man

Subject: My wet and wild older man

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband is 76 years old and I’m 60. I worked with his daughter years ago and that’s how we met. When we started dating, he loved having a much younger woman on his arm, but as he gets older, he’s getting more paranoid and asked if I would ever leave him for a man my age. I took my wedding vows seriously and he knows I love him, but he’s on my last nerve. He’s not aging well and years of abusing alcohol have finally caught up with him, making all of his teeth to crumble when he eats crunchy foods. He won’t get them fixed or get dentures because he hates going to the doctor. He’s been wanting hair implants for years but he knows we can’t afford that so he wears his hair twisted and he uses a lot of hair products every day. It looks like an old Jheri curl and it hangs long in the back and he’s bald on the top. I’d love for him to shave his head and go visit a dentist. We used to have an active sex life, but he has been leaking a little urine after he uses the toilet and the smell is strong enough to choke a cat. I secretly put a mattress cover on his side of the bed because I didn’t want to embarrass him. Between his sticky hair products getting on me and the smell of urine, we haven’t had sex in a while and I’m tired of making up excuses. It literally makes me gag to think of having sex with him now. He still wants it, so something’s got to change. The final straw for me, was when he urinated on himself in Target this past Sunday. I didn’t make a big deal out of it, but I had to buy him a pair of clean shorts. How can he walk around like nothing’s wrong? Would I be lowdown for leaving him if he doesn’t change?