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The Strawberry Letter: Why Is He In My Brother's House?

Subject: Why is he in my brother’s house?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m writing for my brother because he is too upset to do it for himself. My brother is 38 and his wife is 35 and she has planned a trip for Labor Day with two girlfriends and a guy that has been her friend since they were 18 years old. This guy was married before and he has one child. Now he’s no longer dating women. He told my brother that he has a great new man in his life, but he keeps him away from his friends because it is not serious yet. My brother told this guy it’s imperative that he meet the boyfriend and here’s why. My sister-in-law is always with this guy and my brother thinks she’s cheating on him, right in his face. Now the guy is going on vacation with his wife so my brother got really skeptical. But that’s not the biggest issue. We need to know how far another man is allowed up in another man’s house. Last week, my brother came home and this man was sitting in a shirt and shorts on the patio. His wife was sleep on the couch. The guy said they had gone running in the neighborhood and he jumped in the shower while she took a nap. The biggest issue is that he took a shower in my brother’s bathroom. My brother uses the upstairs bathroom so his wife can have the primary bathroom all to herself. There is a shower downstairs in the other guest room, but this guy went upstairs and used my brother’s shower. My brother feels that this guy is way too comfortable in his house and it’s his wife’s fault for letting him do it. I agree with my brother and his wife needs to be checked and this guy should not go on vacation with her. What if his boyfriend doesn’t even exist? I am trying to stay out of it, so I need your advice on how my brother should handle this situation.