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Uncle Steve and The Crew's Entertainment News

The jury in R. Kelly's federal trial in Chicago on Friday watched graphic videos that prosecutors say show the singer sexually assaulting his goddaughter when she was as young as 14. The videos are key evidence in the prosecution's case against R. Kelly, who is accused of producing child pornography and rigging is the 2008 child pornography trial in Cook County. The witness who is now 37-year-old and the niece of R&B Singer “Sparkle”, took the stand as a “Jane Doe.” She told the jury how she and R. Kelly started to have sex when she was only 14 years old. They had intercourse “hundreds” of times before her 18th birthday. She was not the only young girl in R. Kelly’s bedroom. He secretly recorded some of their sex acts. The “smoke detectors” on his bedroom ceiling were hidden cameras. R. Kelly failed to have the fake detectors removed before selling his home. The next owner made the creepy discovery. Until the trial, Jane Doe and her family have publicly denied she was abused, and Jane Doe has testified she lied to a Cook County grand jury before the 2008 child pornography trial where Kelly was acquitted. Asked why, after all these years, she continued her relationship or friendship with Robert Kelly into her adulthood, she said, "I no longer wanted to carry his lies.” R&B Singer Sparkle, says that some of her niece's testimony is not true. R. Kelly is on trial on a 13-count indictment, including child pornography and obstruction of justice charges. The trial is expected to last four weeks.

In other Entertainment News, Dennis Rodman NBA legend said he "got permission" to go to Russia to seek the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner, who was sentenced to nine years in prison on drug charges. Rodman told NBC News, "I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl.” He went on to say, he knows Russian President Vladimir Putin "too well."

And finally, in Entertainment News, Ms. Jackson if you nasty. People who use old-school Microsoft systems their computers will crash if users play her "Rhythm Nation" video. Microsoft principal software engineer said, it’s not Janet’s dancing in the video, it was that in the video, the laptops were triggered by a particular tone that repeated throughout the video. The sound was so powerful that it was even capable of shutting down computers near the laptop playing the video. Janet Jackson is such an Icon she out here shutting down computers if you play her videos.