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The Strawberry Letter: Just Tell Me The Truth

Subject: Just tell me the truth

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been dating a 42 year old man for a while and his sister is one of my old acquaintances from college. I don’t use the word “friend” to describe her because she’s done a lot of shady stuff lately. She introduced me to her brother and he initiated our relationship. At first, he was dating someone else and his sister made sure I knew it. She said she loves his ex-girlfriend but didn’t want her dating her brother. I advised her to stay out of her brother’s affairs. I had to reiterate this to her after her brother and I started dating. She used to call me with all kinds of rumors and BS about his ex-girlfriend and then would be all up in her face on pictures and videos. I started calling her a “Little Liar” and her brother agreed with me. A few nights ago, I ran into Little Liar at a hookah lounge and she was with my man’s ex-girlfriend. I spoke and picked up my food, then I went over to my boyfriend’s house. While we were eating, a picture of his sister and his ex popped up on his phone and his sister texted, “We miss you.” So, I called his sister the next day and I asked why she’s taunting my boyfriend with pictures of his ex. She said that my man not only responded with heart emojis, he came to have a drink with them after I left his house. She sent me a picture of the 3 of them. I called him and went off and he said it’s all a lie and it didn’t go down like that. He told me he was going to watch a pre-season game at a sports bar, not to hang out with his ex-girlfriend. I wish he’d told me first because his sister is such a liar. She claims she deleted the texts that my man sent her before he came to meet them at the lounge. What’s going on here? Can somebody just tell me the truth?