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The Strawberry Letter: He Called Me A Call Girl

Subject: He called me a call girl

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 41-year-old entrepreneur and I own a brokerage firm. I’m dating a 40-year-old former pro athlete and we met 3 years ago. He is a coach and he owns a laundromat. I have my own house and he has his house. I was driving a small sportscar when I met him and he suggested I get an SUV for all of my yard signs and stuff for my business. I was fine driving my little BMW, but for my fortieth birthday, he surprised me with a 2022 SUV. He loves giving gifts and I love getting them, but it's the commentary after the gift that bothers me. I wasn’t wearing designer labels before I met him, but he loves to buy them for me, so I let him. He has splurged on overpriced designer shoes and purses for me since we met. He said I have to look a certain way to represent him properly. He loves to brag about whatever he spends money on. Over the weekend, he went too far with the bragging and now we’re not speaking. We were at a rooftop bar on Sunday with 3 other couples and the males moved away from the females so they could smoke cigars. They were still in earshot of where we were sitting and I overheard my man say that I’m the black Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman and he has spent a lot of money on me so I can be as fly as he is. He said I was worth every bit of it because he plans to marry me. I went over to him and cursed him out. One of his boys told me that I’m focused on the wrong part of what my man said. He told me to focus on the fact that my guy wants to marry me. But how can I when he compares me to a prostitute from a movie?