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The Strawberry Letter: Get Somewhere and Sit Down

Subject: Get Somewhere and Sit Down

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 60 year old single mother. My son is 32 and he has been a single father since his first wife passed away 4 years ago. My granddaughter is 14 years old and she’s with me during the week and she goes back to her dad’s house on the weekend. My son has started back dating and he wants to be married again. He says he doesn’t function well as a single man. I have nothing to do with his love life but I have everything to do with how his daughter is raised and I don’t think he should be introducing her to all kinds of women, while she’s still in the grieving process. This new girl he’s dating is very simplistic and materialistic. She’s got her own money, so she’s not asking for anything from my son, but it’s the way she carries herself that is on my nerves. She and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. She has a 16 year old daughter that she leaves alone overnight to go play house with my son. Her daughter has a brand new car and she lets her run wild with her friends all over town. The only time my granddaughter has quality time with her dad is on the weekends and this new woman is always around and in the way. My granddaughter sees through her and gets irritated when this woman plays rap music and knows all the lyrics. She feels like the woman is trying too hard. She’s visited at my house with my son and runs around waiting on my son hand and foot and I had to tell her to get somewhere and sit down. I have never seen a woman try so hard and her intentions may be good, but she has to fall back a bit. I think my son is falling for her representative and not the real woman. How can I get him to pump the brakes?