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Carla's Reality Update: Marlo Talks Childhood, Rapper vs Garcelle + More!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show is in three parts. Part one Marlo went deep and talk about her difficult childhood growing up in foster care and her mother being a drug addict. However, the beef between Kandi and Marlo is still on. Kandi is sick of Marlo slamming her on the show. She went in on Marlo and said, “This is so annoying that a person I’ve tried to help multiple times, would get on a platform with millions of people, and say that I don’t help people.” Andy would like to see Drew and Sanya make up their friendship, but Sanya does not see it happening. Drew and Sheree are beefing too. Drew said that Sheree’s former assistant said that she doesn’t pay her bills. Sheree dunked on Drew’s health and wellness program and Drew tried to clap back, by calling out all the cast members who had plastic surgery. Andy asked Sheree about her new man- and she revealed that he is in real estate and on another tv show. We all know Sheree is dating Love and Marriage Huntsville’s star Martell Holt. Kenya is over Marlo too, we all know they have been arguing this entire season. Well at the end of part one of reunion show, Kenya let it be known that she was over Marlo. She said, "Everything about you is fake, Marlo. Your name is not even your real name, Latoya Hutchinson!”. Wait, What!! Where is my popcorn, I can’t wait for part two of the Reunion of RHOA.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… As I previously told you, Garcelle was very upset with fans of the RHOBH for attacking and cyber bullying her son Jax. She believed the viewers are taking the show too seriously. Well Hip-Hop Star Nikki Minaj had something to say about that. According to the Insider, Nicki Minaj said Garcelle Beauvais and another co-host from “The Real” talk show, chose to interview Nicki husband's alleged sexual assault accuser because they were desperate for ratings. Nicki said on her podcast, "It's because they wanted ratings. And the next thing that happens to them, they are canceled,". Nicki went on to say, “And now this lady is on one of the 'Real Housewives' talking about, 'Leave my son alone! Don't leave comments under my son's page,'“. Nicki said, “[B-word], if you can't stand to feel the [m-fing] heat then get the [f-word] out the kitchen," she continued. "Did you care about my [m-fing] son?" Nicki Minaj has an eleven-month-old son with her husband Kenneth Petty. The couple married in 2019. Garcelle shared positive quotes on social media about being kind after Nicki called her out.

Married to Medicine

Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil had another dinner party and invited Dr. Eugene and his wife Toya, and new cast members, Dr. Martin, and his wife Audra. Here we go! Toya called out Audra on how she was dressed at the dinner party. Audra clapped back at Toya for rocking fashion labels all the time. Eugene and Toya are having marital problems and he is wondering what the next phase in his life is. Dr. Eugene is looking for a change from being an ER doctor. The pandemic took a toll on him. Quad had a holiday slash housewarming party, and it was nice. Of course, Quad gave her normal long speech that she usually gives at her parties. Then things to a turn, Audra got into again with Toya. Audra put her real estate attorney skills out there and talked about how much money Toya made for selling her house, and she pulled out her phone calculator to break down how much Toya and Eugene made off the sale of their house. Girl, bye! That was way too much.