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The Strawberry Letter: My Own Daughter Put Me On Blast

Subject: My own daughter put me on blast

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 52 year old married woman but my husband and I have been at odds for a few years because he is a cheater. I never caught him but all of his mannerisms changed and we stopped being intimate. The arguments got so bad that I stopped talking to him altogether and focused more on my kids and my promotion at work. I filled the void in my marriage with a side piece that happens to work at a car dealership and he is as fine as frog hair! He was flirting heavily with me when I bought a new SUV from him. He suggested that we break in the third row of my new truck, so we did! For weeks after that, I would drive to his job and we got busy on the third row of my truck. I’m sure his co-workers knew we were having sex, so I was taking a big risk because one of them goes to my church. I didn’t care… the sex was too good and it was so much fun. But after a month of great sex, it all came to a screeching halt, on the day of my 8 year old daughter’s birthday party. I picked up four of her friends for the party at the skating rink. My daughter got on the third row of the SUV and her friends piled in. My husband drove his car. When we got to the skating rink, my daughter gave her dad a cuff link. My husband said it wasn’t his cuff link and he looked directly at me. I walked on into the skating rink and got the girls situated in the party room. My husband got all in my face and asked what I had been doing in my SUV and where the cuff link came from. I ignored him. My daughter put me on blast but I don’t feel like I owe him an explanation, or do I? Should I come clean with him?