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The Strawberry Letter: I Went Back To The Streets Too Soon

Subject: I went back to the streets too soon

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 31 year old single female and I just broke up with my boyfriend after 2 years of dating. I gave him all I could in our 2 years of dating and he didn’t show up for me in a way that proved to me that he wanted to get married. He kept on going to the club and hanging out in the strip club. I couldn’t get him to spend time with me on the weekends and I was done with fighting for his attention. A week after we broke up, I had a party in a private room at a hookah lounge. He popped up and had a problem with me being out so soon. There was a life size picture of me in a corner with the words, “back to the streets” on it. That is what he was most offended by. He told me that he had hopes of us getting back together but this showed him that I was really done with him. I was tipsy and happy that he happened to come to the club that night and saw me celebrating being free from a dead-end relationship. A few days after that, his mother called me and said that her son, my ex-boyfriend, felt some kind of way about me celebrating our breakup. I was respectful to his mother but I felt justified in my actions. Now a few months later, I do feel bad about claiming the streets since nothing is in the streets and men really don’t want to commit to women nowadays. I called to apologize for embarrassing him and he wasn’t trying to hear it. I told him that I was willing to be patient with him and he said he’s no longer interested. My mother said he’s using my “back to the streets” party as a way out because he wasn’t ever planning to make me a priority and he was going to string me along for long time. Is my mom right? Should I stop asking him to come back?