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The Strawberry Letter: My Grown Stepson Has To Go

Subject: My grown stepson has to go

Dear Shirley and Steve I am a successful 34 year old married man and I love my wife, but I’m miserable at home. My wife and I met just before Covid and we’ve been married for a year. Our marriage was great until recently and it’s because of my 28 year old stepson that won’t move out of our home. My wife is sixteen years older than I am. When we met, her man child was living with her and she told me it was a temporary arrangement, only during the pandemic. By the time we got married and I moved in, my stepson was still living there and his pregnant girlfriend had moved in. Again, my wife said this was only temporary, until their baby was born. Shortly after I moved in, my stepson lost his job and didn’t tell us. We overheard his girlfriend yelling about him getting fired and then she moved out. I understood that he might be ashamed so I tried to give him a pep talk. He bowed up at me and we almost got in a fight. I stay on my wife about pushing him out of the nest and she always has an excuse for allowing him to stay. I hate to come home and see another man fixing a plate of food that I’ve worked hard for. I hate to see another man lying on my couch watching reality shows instead of looking for a job. I’m so glad that I didn’t sell my house when we got married because I may have to go back to my house and let her man child run this one. The fighting is getting to me and I told my wife that I might be moving out soon. She broke down in tears but still didn’t have sense enough to agree that it’s time for her son to leave. Should I move out and let my wife figure out if she wants me or her son?