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Junior's Collaboration with Endari to Destigmatize Sickle Cell Disease

September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month and Endari, a leader in the treatment of sickle cell disease, has announced a collaboration with Kier (Junior) Spates to share his personal experience with the use of Endari to treat his sickle cell disease or SCD.

Endari’s collaboration with Junior helps to destigmatize Sickle Cell Disease and spread the word about Endari. Endari’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated, “We admire and appreciate Mr. Spates’ courage in living with this disease and publicly sharing his experiences and we would like to extend our public thanks to Junior, Mr. Harvey and the co-hosts of the Steve Harvey Morning Show for their cooperation”

Junior said, "I’ve been taking Endari since April and found it to be beneficial in my treatment regime for sickle cell disease. Since adding Endari to my treatment protocol I have had fewer crises." He then went on to say, "After many conversations with Emmaus, I decided to become a consultant to the company because I understand firsthand how this disease devastates the Black community. I support and understand Emmaus commitment to take a holistic approach to the treatment of sickle cell disease."