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The Strawberry Letter: He Talks All The Time And At The Wrong Time

Subject: He talks all the time and at the wrong time

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m in a relationship with a man that is a contributor on our local news. He’s also an auctioneer at an auto auction. He makes all of his money by talking. Whenever we go to dinner or anywhere out in public, he holds a conversation with others and I’m standing there nudging him to leave folks alone. All during my reality shows, he asks me who is who and why the people act like that. I hate when he’s over to my house when I’m watching my favorite shows. He even talks during church… Last Sunday he interpreted the sermon to me until the lady next to us gave him an evil side eye and forced him to shut up. We argued all the way back to my house that day. The absolute worst times he wants to strike up a conversation are when I am trying to use the bathroom, or taking a shower or in the middle of sex. I try to go to the bathroom before he comes to my house or before I go to his house, because I can’t have any privacy. I started locking the door if I absolutely cannot hold it, but he’ll come to the door and start talking to me. Even though we’ve been dating 2 years, it’s still an uncomfortable feeling. I also hate when we are in the groove in bed and he starts talking. He’s asked if I ever thought about cheating on him. He’s asked if I think another man can top him in the bedroom. He even asked if the sex will be this good if we get married. I’m like, just please enjoy the moment and hush! I love him so much and I see a bright future with him, but he has got to leave all of that talking at his jobs. Ignoring him during sex or any other time hasn’t worked out. Is this a character flaw that can be changed or should I yell STHU when he gets on nerves?