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The Strawberry Letter: Random Women In My Home

Subject: Random women in my home

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband and I are both 28 years old and we have a 2-year-old daughter. He’s white and I’m black. He is a semi-pro athlete and we live in a nice community of young couples. I work in hospital administration and we met when he came to speak to our pediatrics unit. We will be married a year in December if we make it because my husband really showed out this summer. We got our backyard kitchen done and we put a swim-up bar in our pool, so he wanted to have a big Fourth of July celebration. I loved the idea, as long as everyone would be outside on the patio, in the pool or out on the deck by the lake. I planned for around 30 people, but we ended up having close to 100 people in and around our home. My husband kept telling me it was cool, but my OCD and anxiety had me in a frenzy all day. We made it through that day without anything broken or stolen. He promised to never do that again. But he lied. Most weekends are a free-for-all for him and his buddies, and he allows his boys to bring random women to our home to hang out in our pool. I do believe my husband got married too soon, because he’s had the best summer ever, doing cannonballs in the pool and drinking a six-pack a day. Now that football season is here, they’ve moved to our mancave on Sundays and the women are now all over my basement. I told my husband that women are not allowed in our home and he accused me of being antisocial and that’s not it at all. He said his friends and guests can feel my negativity and it’s not a good look. I am trying to regain control of my house, not make new friends. Am I being rude and unreasonable?