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The Strawberry Letter: He Wants That Old Thang Back

Subject: He wants that old thang back

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 38 year old single woman and I’ve been dating a man that is 36 years old. We have ups and downs because I feel like he is in love with his grandmother. She is not really his grandmother but she definitely could be. They used to mess around before we started dating and she was more or less a sugar mama. She has got to be 70 but she’s a personal trainer and her body is in tip top shape. He thinks he can be friends with someone that he used to sleep with. He works out with her and I have a problem with that. He was acting all ashamed when I met her and he couldn’t even introduce me as his girlfriend. I let that slide but what I won’t let slide is how much time he spends with her. He said they’re just friends but if I spent time with one of my exes, he would have a fit. When she sends him “good morning, have a nice day” texts, I see them. He says that he has nothing to hide and I have the password to his phone, so I can see he’s not leading her on. But the minute that I let my guard down and I started trusting him, she slipped in and got him. He came to my house and told me that he had something to tell me. He said she asked him to meet her at the gym after work because she had something for him. He said they sat in her car because the temp had dropped and as soon as he got in, she went straight for his zipper and he couldn’t stop what happened. She hooked him up orally and he said he felt terrible and stopped her. I’m pretty sure he didn’t stop her. He confessed everything, but I’m done with it. He keeps apologizing but I think he wants that old thang back. Is it crazy to check the woman? Will this ever stop? Please advise.