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The Strawberry Letter: How Did The Pine Straw Get In There?

Subject: How did the pine straw get in there

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband and I have a 4 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. We also have two small dogs. We got one for my son and he didn’t want to share with our daughter, so my husband went and bought her a dog too. We are happy with our little family but we are consumed with household chores and taking care of our children and pets. I work out after work so my husband takes the children and the dogs to the park down from our house. I got home yesterday and I assumed they were still at the park. I called my husband, Darrell, and Linda from 2 houses down, answered his phone. She said Darrell had to go get one of the dogs that ran off, so I thanked her and hung up. I started cooking and cleaning up a bit and in comes Darrell with the kids and dogs. He said all of them had been to the park. He was all dusty and dirty but the children were spotless. He said one of the dogs ran off and he slipped in pine straw when he ran after it. He had tiny pieces of pine straw coming out of his shoe and out of the back of his jogging pants. He went to shower and put on clean clothes. A few minutes later, Linda knocked on the door to return my daughter’s shoe that had fallen off… And Linda was full of pine straw too. My children were not dirty at all, but Linda and my husband were. Linda left and I went to check the jogging pants my husband had on. How did he get the pine straw all up in his pants? As soon as he got out of the shower, I accused him of messing with Linda at the park. He yelled for a good while and it made him sound guilty. Should I watch him and Linda now?