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The Strawberry Letter: She Is Going To Make Me Pop Her

Subject: She is going to make me pop her

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m 47 and I’ve been dating a man that is married to a woman with a very nasty personality and she is ugly inside and out. I went to college with her and she had a few fights with women over her boyfriend back then. She has made my current boyfriend miserable for 12 years and they are finally getting a divorce. Since I’ve been dating her husband, I see that he’s being bullied by her. I didn’t want to believe it at first but she talks to him like he’s a weakling and he won’t say anything to her because she hits below the belt. Recently, she shattered his cell phone and he came to my house upset. I put him on my phone plan and that’s when she found out about me. He called her one day and my name came up on the caller ID at their house. If he feels threatened, he comes to my house. He thinks she is going to put her hands on him one day and I can’t allow that to happen because he’s a calm and even-tempered man. She has passed by my house and she’s sat in my driveway before. We let her sit and look stupid because her marriage is over and we’re hoping she just goes away soon. This morning, she was behind me in the drive-thru and I was very nervous. I’m telling you that if she comes in my face, I’m going to pop her. I have everything to lose but it will be worth it because I’ve seen her mess with people for years. What she doesn’t know is I take boxing lessons as part of my workout. She has one more time to crush my man’s spirit or damage his property. I know I’m wrong for having this affair but I love this man. Would I be wrong if I popped her one good time?