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The Strawberry Letter: I Married A Groupie

Subject: I Married a Groupie

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 29-year-old married makeup artist and my husband is a handsome businessman. We got married a month ago and I was hesitant because I saw signs of him being a groupie. Groupie may not be the right word, but he is intrigued by celebrities. When we watch TV, he talks like a woman would, saying stuff about the actress’ hair and outfit. Here’s why I can’t understand my husband… we are planning a trip to LA and he’s been calling his cousin, who’s a publicist in L.A., to find out what clubs are popping and which restaurants will have celebrities in it. I think it is okay to want to get the L.A. experience, but that’s not for him to set up, that’s my job. He jokes that if he runs into one of his Hollywood girlfriends like Karreuche Tran or Ciara, he will leave me standing on the street. I have the best sense of humor but this isn’t funny to me. If I said that about Michael B. Jordan, he would be very upset. The other night we were having dinner and lots of drinks. He opened up and admitted that he fantasizes about various black actresses while we’re intimate. I went as low as I could and I admitted that I slept with a famous comedian 3 years before we got married. Shocked, he asked if I was joking and I said no. He got up from the table and left me sitting there. I drove so he had to call an Uber. It’s been an ongoing argument since that night because he can’t believe I slept with a celebrity and never told him. I told him it was sex with a normal man, but he just happened to be famous. That made it worse. Did it hurt his ego more because I had sex with a celebrity? Please help.