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The Strawberry Letter: He Booked An All Inclusive Vacation

Subject: He booked an all-inclusive vacation

Dear Steve and Shirley, my boyfriend and I had a bad break-up four months ago. I was planning a graduation party for him and he said he was planning to go on a trip with his best friend and his cousin. I got in my feelings and I started a big argument and he broke up with me. He didn’t call me to try to fix it and neither did I. I’m very stubborn and it backfired on me. Since I started it, I should’ve been the first one to apologize. My boyfriend got his master’s degree and I attended his graduation and then went to dinner with him and his family because his mother invited me. He barely talked to me and it was embarrassing. I asked about the trip they’d planned and his cousin looked like he didn’t know what I was talking about so I asked his sister about the trip and she told me where he was staying. I called the resort and I told the girl on the phone that I was his wife. I found out he’s staying at an all-inclusive resort with a balcony suite with an ocean view. The lady at the resort was talking to me as if I was coming with him. She asked me to confirm that we wanted the massage and dinner in our room when we arrived. I canceled that dinner and the massage. There is no way I’m letting him go on this trip with another woman. We fight like this all the time but he has never been this mad. I wanted more details about the trip but the lady on the phone would not tell me anything else. I have tried talking to my man and he said that he needs this getaway to clear his head and we’ll talk when he gets back. His sister said she’s sure he’s not taking another woman. What do you think? Should I pop up on him at this all-inclusive resort or wait until he gets back?