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The Strawberry Letter: She Slapped My Husband

Subject: She slapped my husband

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband and I love to hang out after football games. We are Clemson fans and my husband played football so we are all into the games. We met a group of friends at our favorite bar and two of my single girlfriends came. They’re not into football, but they thought some single men might be out. We were sitting back and chilling and one of my friend’s friends joined us. She went to the bar to order her own food and drinks, even though we had a waiter that checked on us. My husband was jokey jokey with her but I could see that she had a bad vibe from the time she walked in. She was on her phone, texting a whole lot. At the same time, my husband seemed distracted and he checked his phone a lot. I am watching them the whole time because something was not right. If she texted, he looked at his phone. Then she got up to go sit at the bar and it was packed by then, so I could not really see what she was doing. My husband went to the bathroom and stopped by the bar to talk to her. He showed her his phone and she showed him hers. Then she put her finger in his face and lightly slapped him. I walked over to them and he looked like a deer in headlights. He said he wanted to know why she was being antisocial and sitting at the bar. So I asked him why he cared. She echoed me, saying “Yea, why do you care?” He swears it was nothing at all and that I did not see her slap him. Why would my friend invite this woman to join us if something is up with her and my husband? I want to ask about this woman but I don’t want to seem pressed. What should I do?