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Carla's Reality Update: Robyn and Wendy Beef, Erica Mena's Angry and RHOSLC

Real Housewives of Potomac

Robyn and Wendy are really beefing this season. Robyn is going too far. She invited all the ladies and their families to her family fun day but not Wendy and her children. Then Robyn changed her mind and said that Wendy’s three kids could attend but only with “Auntie” Candiace. Wendy declined the invitation. Robyn, are you out of your mind? How are going to invite someone’s children to an event but not their mother?! That’s a whole no! Even Karen told Robyn that’s not okay. Robyn admitted on a recent podcast that she got some backlash for that decision. Moving on, Wendy is trying to squash the beef with Robyn so she hosted a Burn Session, where the ladies could come together and vent about the issues that have with each other. Some of the ladies said that Wendy could be a little condescending when talking to them. I agree with the ladies on that part, Dr. Osefo. Robyn said that she and Wendy are oil and water. Robyn then called Wendy out for accusing her of trying to fight in the dance studio when they got into an argument and Robyn jumped up. Wendy said people had to hold Robyn back, and Robyn was like no way and called Charrisse to corroborate her story. And just like that, here comes the shade, I love the Bravo producers, they rolled the tape back and yes Charisse was holding Robyn back. Back to the Burn Session, Robyn was screaming at Wendy, “You are horrible!" Wendy was like, “Why are you yelling?" I mean Robyn was at a ten screaming, "I don't give a fu*k!" And stormed out!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Erica Mena and Safaree are just recently divorced and on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, it seems apparent that Erica and Safaree have been dealing with child support issues. The couple has joint custody of their two children. However, Erica broke down and was crying when she learned that Safaree was ordered to pay only $4,305 in monthly child support. While holding the phone, I assume Mena was talking to her legal team, when she said, “Are you fucking kidding me?" "Now all of this financial burden with my children is on me? That's not fair ... Like, he doesn't have to pay any of it. This is f*cked up." Erica went on to say during her testimonial, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” I know that’s right!

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I’m sad that Whitney Rose and Heather Gay are beefing. They’re friends and cousins and they need to work it out. Why do the Housewives on this show feel the need to over-share romantic moments with their husbands? Last season it was Whitney and Justin with the paint spanking and now this season it’s Meredith and Seth in the bubble bath. Two cringy moments I wish I could unsee. Oh, and by the way, according to Page 6, Jen Shah’s sentencing date for her guilty plea in her federal fraud case has been pushed back from November 18th to December 15th.