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The Strawberry Letter: Nothing Is Big Except For His Mouth

Subject: Nothing is big except his mouth

Dear Steve and Shirley, my boyfriend has to have the spotlight on him at all times. It seems like every week he tells me that he went off on a co-worker because they don’t respect his authority. I always have to remind him that he’s not anyone’s supervisor at the job, he’s just been there longer than anyone else. He’s got a big ego and a big mouth. He laughs loud and he brags all of the time. I’m talking about bragging like he can knock it out the park every night, when he’s really not even tapping first base. When I met him, he bragged about his size and kept telling me to grab on to it. I had seen him without clothes on and I do not know that much about a man, so I assumed it might get bigger when he got excited. Well, we finally had sex and it stayed the same size. It’s like he doesn’t know he’s small cause he kept bragging the whole time. I got annoyed at him and now when I see him, I think of how big his feet are and how short his toes are. My mind goes to the craziest things about a person once they disappoint me. He has nothing big on him except his mouth and his ego. I don’t want to throw him away just because he’s tiny. I’m willing to work on this relationship a little longer. He thinks I’m falling in love with him, but that’s not what’s happening, at least not yet. I want to continue to get to know him and find ways to make our sex better, despite his small size. It’s hard to find a man these days and I’m pretty sure this man won’t ever cheat on me. Or if he does cheat, it would only happen once because he’s so tiny. Do you think he can ever change? Am I crazy to stay with him?