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The Strawberry Letter: So What I Burned A Few Things?

Subject: So what I burned a few things?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been married for 3 years. I caught my husband cheating on me recently and I burned a few of his personal belongings and he can’t get over it. He was cheating in his car at a popular hookup spot where the younger kids go have sex. He and I used to go there when we were younger and we enjoyed sneaking around and having sex. I never imagined he would cheat on me and then cheat in a spot that he could get caught. The most embarrassing part is that my younger cousin saw him and called me. He and the woman were on the backseat and their clothes were on the front seat. I stood and watched him for a minute and then I opened the door and I took all of their clothes. I threw my Coke on him and some of it got in her eyes so she didn’t see me. I went home I burned their clothes they were wearing and all of his underwear and socks. I don’t know why burned his underwear and socks, but I had seen my mother burn my stepdad’s stuff and it was in a movie when I was younger, so I snapped. I did it in a field by our apartment so I wouldn’t go to jail because I remembered my mom got fined for doing it years ago. My husband drove up wearing only a tee shirt and he put out the fire. I jumped on him and all I remember after that is my neighbor pulling me off of him. This mess could have been avoided if he had not cheated on me. I was willing to try to get our marriage back on track but he says I’m crazy and he is afraid of me. He knows I only reacted out of rage and I wouldn’t ever act like that normally. Why can’t he see that he’s the reason his clothes got burned? Why is he trying to make this my fault?