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The Strawberry Letter: I Didn't Know Who He Was

Subject: I didn’t know who he was

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a married woman with five children and I had a very interesting Halloween night. We were invited to a costume party at a friend’s house so I dressed up in a red devil costume. My husband dressed up as Zoro. We took four shots before we left home and I was so frazzled, I forgot my glasses. I knew my husband was freaky before we got married and he has asked me for threesomes a lot lately. He said he’d let me be with another man while he watched. I told him I’ll pass. He told me to keep an open mind about the party because the hosts were wild and free. I could barely see all of the guests but I did see there were a few men dressed up like Zoro or something similar. By midnight, I had more drinks and I was in the powder room trying to get myself together. The door was slightly cracked and I saw a hand slide in and turn the light off. It was a funny male voice saying he was going to rock my world and the man was dressed like Zoro, so I thought it was my husband at first. He laid me on the floor and got really freaky. The whole experience was off the charts and I knew it was not my husband, but I did not stop him. When it was over, the man passed out on the floor. I turned on the bathroom light and my husband was standing there, taking it all in. I frantically started lying and I told my husband I thought it was him. My husband swears that I knew who I was having sex with but I don’t know that man. That was last month and he has not touched me since then. He told me that he has been having sex with people he doesn’t know too. I think my husband set me up so he can do whatever he wants to do. Am I right or wrong?