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The Strawberry Letter: He Tells His Sister Everything

Subject: He tells his sister everything

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband and I have been together for 6 years and married for two. His sister and I worked together in high school and after we graduated, we lived together until I started dating her brother. It was awkward because she was all up in our business and even walked in on us having sex once. I was ready to move out and he suggested we get an apartment together. His sister was at our apartment every night for the first week, claiming she was afraid to stay alone. I put an end to that quickly and she ended up resenting me. So now that I’m married to her brother, she comes at me rude and wrong a lot. He asked me to look over her and he says she’s jealous because I have a man and she doesn’t. On the other hand, he keeps bringing her into our relationship by telling her all of our business. She made a snide remark about me being anemic, saying she hopes I don’t pass out during sex because I won’t take iron pills. I let that slide but I yelled at my husband later. She told my mother-in-law not to expect any grandbabies soon because I still want my husband to wrap it up during sex. It’s been one thing after another but the final straw was when I overheard my husband telling her that he wishes I was a bit more submissive and not a headstrong black businesswoman in pursuit of a career. He’s told me that too but he knows I’m not slowing down anytime soon and I’m about to open another salon suite for nails. It seems like the two of them team up to hate on me together and at this point, he gossips to her like a woman. Why does he feel the need to share so much with his sister, when he knows she’s hateful? Is he a hater too?