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The Strawberry Letter: You're Not Doing That Tonight

Subject: You’re not doing that tonight

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m dating a man that has a beautiful personality and we clicked the moment we met but there’s a side to him that I just saw for the first time and I don’t know if I’m with the right man. He always smells amazing because he has lots of body oils, lotions, and potions that he uses every day. He uses a lot more than I do so I used to joke with him about his products. Then one day, I had bad cramps and he gave me a hot oil massage to ease the pain and it worked. I was hooked, until one night I got a massage and got up to go to the bathroom and I slipped on the wood floor and almost broke my ankle because I was so greasy. He prefers to be oiled up and glistening all of the time. He said it is because he’s a chocolate brother and he’s always ashy but I think it’s a fetish. He’s always in the bathroom longer than I am and it takes him longer to get dressed. I could deal with that but what got my attention and has me second-guessing him, is what went down Saturday. My boyfriend’s co-worker and wife came to visit and his wife was limping… she said she hurt her leg having sex. I tried to change the subject but then my boyfriend blurted out that he could help her get rid of her leg pain. She said that would be great. My boyfriend told her to take off her pants and lay on the lounger on the patio. Everyone seemed okay with this except for me. I reminded him that he works for the government, not a spa. He said he has massaged both of them before so it’s no big deal. I told him he wasn’t doing it again and he got mad, so they left. Was he just being helpful or was I right to stop him