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The Strawberry Letter: My Cousin Owns The Car Wash

Subject: My cousin owns the car wash

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 29 year old hopeless romantic and I got married too quickly to a man that I barely knew. Now all of my family is in my business and I’m so disappointed in myself. I met a man that’s from another city and after we dated for a few months, he came to visit me and never left. He quickly got a great job and he got settled in. He has a friend in town so he’s usually hanging out with him or he’s at work. I never suspected he was cheating on me until 3 days ago, when I found out that he’s had sex in his car. My cousin owns a car wash and he specializes in wheels and detailing leather seats. My husband’s Escalade is his pride and joy so he gets it washed often. I did not know he was going all the way across town to get his car washed, until I got a call from my cousin’s wife. She said my husband has brought his truck to the car wash a few times and he’s always got interesting stains and pieces of weave all over the truck. My cousin figured out that it’s my husband after he saw a business card in the truck.… See my cousin wasn’t invited to my wedding because he is on the ghetto side of my family… so he didn’t know my husband. I just hate that before my cousin’s wife called me, she called my mom and told her that my husband has been having sex in his truck and getting it cleaned afterwards. I asked my husband about the rumor and he threatened to fight my cousin and ‘out’ him as a liar and a bad businessman. I assured him that my cousin is not the one to be played with like that. If my husband is not cheating, why would he be so upset? I don’t see my cousin hating on my husband for no reason. Since my family knows, can my marriage survive this?