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The Strawberry Letter: He's Not Handsome But He's Blessed

Subject: He’s not handsome but he’s blessed

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m 34 years old and I’m dating a pastor that is 42 years old. We are both divorced and we met online. I’m ready for children and although he already has two from his first marriage, he said he’d have another child with me. He wants us to have sex before we get married, but I prefer to wait until the night of our wedding. I love to tease him in sexy lingerie and he always jokes about ripping my nightgown off of me and taking whatever he wants. I love this man and we have a great time together but I don’t like the way he looks. He has a hard face and a permanent frown in his forehead. He has short teeth but they’re pearly white. My aunt and my mother warned me against having children with him because they said my baby will look like a gremlin. This man is anointed and he has been a perfect gentleman. He’s a man of God for sure, and he’s blessed where it counts. Just because I am not partaking of his blessings, I still know what he is working with and I can’t wait to make him and IT, all mine. I’ve never been into looks and I think less handsome men are sexy because they are rough looking. This man can walk around me in nothing but his underwear and I will be a happy woman for the rest of my life. But my aunt and my mother said I need to try IT out before we get engaged, just in case he is terrible in bed. How can he be terrible when he’s working with all of that? I need your advice on this one. Should I sample the goods now or wait till marriage? Please help.