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Uncle Steve's Advice For A Messy Co-Worker + Unfriendly In-Laws

Tony on Facebook writes, one of my coworkers is getting on my nerves, and it feels like it could land me into some serious HR trouble. He and his girlfriend just broke up, and it seems that he’s getting into “revenge porn” mode…and she works with us. I guess the two of them used to enjoy recording their sexual activities, and he’s now tried to corner me at least eight different times trying to get me to watch them while he laughs about it. I’ve tried walking away, telling him I’m not interested, advising him to delete the stuff and get therapy, but brotha man is not getting it. I’m now at the point where I’m afraid this is all going to backfire on me. Do I snitch and say something to my boss, or do I keep it quiet?

Pam on Steve Harvey FM writes: My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. We currently live in the same town as his parents and since we moved here about a year ago, we’ve had dinner with his family once a week. I’m not sure why he wants to continue doing this because from what I can see none of his family seems to like one another. They’re all mean to each other and it brings out a side of my boyfriend that I don’t normally see and definitely don’t like. He’s not like that when we’re together and I don’t want to have a family with him if that’s what our future is going to look like. Should I see this as a sign that making a new family with my boyfriend would be a mistake? Or should I just try to get him to cut his toxic family out of his life?