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The Strawberry Letter: How Did He Know Where To Put It?

Subject: How did he know where to put it?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been married for six years and all was well in my marriage, until one of my closest friends moved to my side of town. She’s divorced and she bought a new home closer to where we live. When she and her husband started to have problems, my husband stopped talking to him because he didn’t like the way her husband treated her. My granny lives with us and she didn’t understand why my husband cared so much. I don’t get into discussions about my husband and marriage with my grandmother because she finds fault with everything. When my close friend would stop by our house, my granny would keep an eye on her. She didn’t like my husband having kind words for my friend at all. I took it with a grain of salt because granny is so negative most of the time. But I did stop my friend from popping up at our house before she went out, so I could see her dressed up nicely. Granny said that was more for my husband than for me. It did raise a red flag, but I didn’t let granny know. Then my friend had a housewarming party and she needed wood for her fireplace, so I told her we’d bring some. My husband came in a few minutes after us and I asked him if he was going to get the wood. He said he already put it out back. My friend thanked him and granny asked how he knew where to put it. A hush fell over the room. He said he assumed it went on the patio. Granny then asked how he knew where the patio was. He said he assumed it was out back. My friend and my husband looked uncomfortable and granny looked at me and whispered, “Don’t be stupid, Tam.” Is she just being granny or am I being stupid? What’s going on?