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The Strawberry Letter: What's So Darn Funny?

Subject: What’s so darn funny?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been married for 18 years and I’m dating a younger lady on the side. I know what you’re thinking but my wife stopped having sex with me two years ago and she got smart during an argument and told me I could do whatever I needed to do on the side, because she didn’t want me anymore. It hurt like hell, but I moved on and met someone new. My side chick is married but she and her husband have been living apart for four years. I’m 55 and my girlfriend is 35. She’s tall and thick with a tiny waist. It was love at first sight and I wanted nothing more than to make her mine. We didn’t rush into sex because I haven’t been with another woman since I met my wife 22 years ago. When we finally had sex recently, I admitted I was nervous. She thought it was sweet and she jokingly said she’d take good care of me. When I kissed her neck, she giggled. When I rubbed her skin, she giggled. Every new position, she giggled. I thought I was showing out but every few seconds, she giggled. I looked down at her she had tears in her eyes from all of the laughing. I asked her what’s so darn funny and she said she can tell I have been married a long time. I was offended but I played it off and I let her take control. I wasn’t expecting what came next and she had me holding on for dear life. I got caught up in her long legs and couldn’t breathe at one point. Since that night, she’s been teasing me about wanting more. I don’t have the confidence to do it again. Am I out of my league here, or should I keep trying?