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The Strawberry Letter: Is It A Current Picture Or Not?

Subject: Is it a current picture or not?

Dear Steve and Shirley, my fiancé and I have been together for 4 years. Our wedding is this summer but I’m thinking of calling it all off because something fishy is going on between him and his ex-girlfriend. I’m not the type of girlfriend to snoop and I’ve never checked my fiancé’s phone, email, drawers, or anything else. I’m not even following him on social media because it’s silly to check up on him. I trust him, but I don’t trust his ex-girlfriend because I overheard her badmouthing me to him on the phone a few years ago. He was defending me and telling her to watch her mouth so I trust him and I never mentioned that I heard their conversation. She called him again recently and I got out of character and told her to stop calling him. Since then, she’s made it her mission to break us up. She posted an Instagram reel of her recent birthday party and there were 10-12 pictures in the reel. Mixed in there, I saw a picture of her in my fiance’s kitchen and I saw a picture of her in my fiance’s bathroom, wearing only a towel and holding a champagne flute. He said the pictures were very old and she did it to make me mad. I don’t believe him because he did not own a champagne flute before he met me. I examined every picture to see if it was a recent picture or not. Her birthday was on January 12th and I was in Detroit visiting my mother that weekend. I told him the only way for me to know the truth, is for us to call her but he refused to call her. A few minutes later, she deleted the reel. I will never know if it was a current picture or not. Am I crazy if we get still married? Or should I let his ex-girlfriend have him back?